The Hot Spot Bufo bufo


I couldnt help but write our second Hot Spot about the toads that are crossing the road by the hundreds every night at the KLEINeFARM.  The Bufo Bufo or commonly known as the “common toad” has woken up after hibernating over winter and is now on its annual migration to its chosen pond where it will lay eggs and continue the cycle of toad birth and death.  Yes they are also dying by the handful every night as cars race by and drive over them.  But I love watching the few cars every night that take the time to drive very slowly swerving along as if they drank too much wine trying not to hit a single toad.  And the best are the people who get out of their cars to help the toads cross the road.  Who are you? as the caterpillar said to Alice.  Just another toad crossing the road . . .


One comment on “The Hot Spot Bufo bufo

  1. Hi Kleine Farm family, I like your homepage and I really like the way you live your life. It´s good to know that there are poeple who really care for others – for nature – for all beings. And i really love your veggies. Hope to visit your farm soon. Best wishes from me and my son Timo.

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